The World's First Green NASCAR

Why not? While the two sides continue to square off with ad hominem arguments and alarmist misinformation, we believe it more productive if this community came up with concrete alternative plans for SKIA, ways to decrease the need for non-ISC funding, or rethinking this project so it is sustainable.

For instance, what if Kitsap SEED and International Speedway Corporation (ISC) came together to work on a proposal for the world's first Green NASCAR? This has the potential to place Kitsap County on the global map, would attract NASCAR fans -- but also endorsements, companies and individuals interested in Green/Earth Smart Design. There is state and federal funding which might offset costs, not to mention possible reduction if materials are less expensive. Fortune 1000 corporations which wish to realise write-offs might also be interested in providing funding.

What if ISC agreed to use the following (the below are from

  • Solar overhead or window structures could maximise passive solar gain and optimise heat gain
  • Concrete with 50% flyash (a recycled utility waste product of coal) could be used
  • Natural ventilation in place of a/c Untreated building materials which reduce off-gassing
  • Collection mechanism for roof rainwater, which is then used for landscape irrigation
  • Use of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood where possible
  • Use of recycled carpet, glass tile, cork, bamboo, rubber, yogurt container composite, soybean/sunflower seed bio-composite, tires, and plastic
  • Composting toilets which eliminate water use On-site treatment system for tertiary treatment of wastewater
  • On-site nursery and organic garden Composting systems for food and plant waste
  • Low energy computers and monitors Integrated phone, data, and video network with a fiber optic backbone between buildings
  • Wind-power, micro-hydro, or photovoltaic components for alternative electricity generation
  • Method for recycling fuel or introducing biodiesels for NASCAR racing cars Other possibilities given a Green NASCAR could include:


  • A green conference centre adjacent to the track, where worldwide entities would hold symposiums on products and services impacting Clean Tech
  • A green hotel to accommodate NASCAR and Clean Tech/Sustainability aficionados
  • A restaurant which offers organic and vegetarian food and produce, some from an on-site garden, as well as free-range beef and chicken. Or, this becomes yet another opportunity to purchase from the many producers in the county who now congregate at Farmers Markets.
  • Concession stands with organic wines and beers, food, ice cream, t-shirts made from hemp, and NASCAR decals and paper products printed on recyclable papers with soy or organic inks
  • Businesses and industries locate to the area, particularly to Kitsap SEED, to become providers of products and services specific to Green NASCAR and the Clean Tech industry.
  • Instead of merely consuming solar panels and recycled rubber, companies relocate here to create and provide them. Kitsap may even snag a company which wants to develop a hybrid racing car.
  • Possibility of becoming the central point of operations and provisioning of "Green" products to other NASCAR tracks which want to become more Earth Smart.

There are still traffic and noise issues (there are green LEED®-certified sound barriers) to resolve. If we can't produce an acceptable solution for these, indeed - continue to question or challenge. However, if we can alleviate the strain and significantly reduce or eliminate the non-ISC funding requested, a Green NASCAR is a strategically unique position with the potential to attract from around the world. The example of the incorporation of sustainability and quality of life into architectural design is compelling.

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